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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Somerton Man: The Fez Lady's Secret

A Very Quick Post..

There's far more to this image than meets the eye..

The above pic was taken with oblique lighting from an 18 Watt LED. Needs a little tidy up but good enough to show some interesting aspects in the three highlighted areas, these do not show up in two other copies of the same book, same edition and with the same image.

A must see video on Spying techniques from WW1 which are still appropriate today, one of the characters featured is Louise De Betignies

More to follow..

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Somerton Man: The Somerton Man, Alf Boxall and Jestyn Linked. Hidden in Plain Sight 3..

The Intro Page for Jestyn's Verse 70 contains this image
and this image from that same page contains a mass of hidden in plain sight code...

The Somerton Man, Alf Boxall and Jestyn Linked...

Below you can see the close up image of the left hand of the lady with the fez. The two areas highlighted clearly show micro written numbers and that is beyond any doubt.

In this next close up we are looking at the line that joins the left arm to the midrif:

What you are seeing is a classic concealment method used by agents since WW1, hiding code inside an image. It was relatively common practice to select a newspaper ad that conatined an image and to write in the micrro-code using special inks or even pencil. You can clearly see the string of numbers and some letters in each of the 3 highlighted areas in this pic. Add this to the images of code concealed within the letters of Verse 70 supposedly written by Jestyn and the picture is complete. 

The clandestine communication method used including Ink H, are very similar to those used by the British Intelligence unit, the SOE.

Those familiar with the code page will recall the crossed out line, the two lines across the centre and the so called flourish beneath the final letter 'R' on the last line of the code. They also contain micro-written code.

I will shortly be adding a scanned image of a copy that I own of the same edition of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam as the one from which the above images were taken. I have already compared them and there is absolutely no doubt that the Boxall book carries the hidden in plain sight code, my copy shows no such or in any way similar markings.

The Alf Boxall book is still in existence and I believe that Professor Abbott has it in his possession or has access to it. Using a microscope as has been done in the past, to examine this page will mean nothing. Getting clear images is a matter of proper focus and lighting. It is the easiest thing in the world to take a microscope image that completely misses the focus point for an image.

Over on the blog, Pete Bowes has some interesting threads that weave in to this and similar posts. The role played by the Musgraves is a case in point. 
Make no mistake this is new and very relevant evidence in what is still an open case. 

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Somerton Man: Another Breakthrough! The Lady in the Fez..


You can download this 300dpi image file from here..

This image is of the Verse 70 Inscription, looks innocent enough doesn't it? Let's take a look in particular at the sketch:

Still looks innocent doesn't it?

Well it does until you dig a little deeper and take some close-up images of various aspects of the pic. these were taken in sunlight with an Olympus Stylus camera set to macro lens.

Here we go, as you will soon deduct, the crossed out lines on the code page as well as the 'flourishes' also hide a wealth of information.

If you look carefully you will be able to view the micro writing within the highlighted areas, there are more images that have been taken but for now I think this should give everyone a valuable glimpse of what the book that Jestyn supposedly handed to Alf at the Clifton Gardens hotel actually contained. The most interesting thing is here yet again, we can tie Alf and Jestyn together with more clandestine communications.

In this image we may just have a key, if you recall we had the letter Q, on right above, clearly showing the letters and numbers XCA 35. What do we make of this marked up section.. Could it be a scrunched up XCA? Be mindful that the image of the lady in the fez was taken relatively recently and thus it would have faded a little over the time.

One Time Pads and Cipher Machines.

In response to a request, here are some examples of One Time pads that were in use at the time including the SOE 'Silk' OTP shown to the left.

And the great man himself, Leo Marks of SEO fame:

Next is a typical micro OTP:
And finally here's an encoing device, cpould almost fit into a flute bag? This one is an early US device called an M 94

And here's how the process works:

This book supposedly given to Alf still exists and the image you see at the top was sent to me by Professor Abbott. The truth will always come out.